What is a Pomeroy? 

SMWC's teams are known as the "Pomeroys." Their name was chosen in memory of alumna and faculty member Sister Mary Joseph Pomeroy. Sister Mary Joseph Pomeroy was a Sister of Providence who was a great advocate of athletics and physical fitness. The name "Pomeroy" is not so much a thing, but a spirit of athletic excellence and sportsmanship.

Sister Pomeroy also was a member of the basketball team that played in the first recorded intercollegiate basketball game in school history when SMWC defeated Indiana Normal College in 1920. She was noted at that time by the Indianapolis media as being a stellar player.  


What is Pomeroy Pride?

Named in memory of Mary Joseph Pomeroy, SP, ’21, a cherished SMWC alumna and employee, Pomeroy Pride ignites Woods students and alums with the ardor to aim for higher standards on every path in life.

Pomeroy Pride empowers courageous leaders to take risks with confidence. You learn how to swim upstream and how to stand your ground. It is the idea that we all have within us the power to achieve greatness.

Pomeroy Pride is the spirit of competition, individuality and teamwork. It means never standing idle on the sidelines, but leading the charge with enthusiasm. It is the power to create new directions, expand boundaries and make every experience, success or defeat, add to your character.

Pomeroy Pride means surpassing your own expectations.

Mary Joseph Pomeroy was an athlete, scholar, mentor, champion and friend. Pomeroy Pride — inspiring us to carve our name into the world and to, above all else, never settle for less than extraordinary