The Homecoming Cup was first awarded at homecoming in 2015. “The Cup” as it is referred to, was established as a part of homecoming in order to foster friendly competition between the student body.

The Cup is awarded each your to one group of students who win that year’s given Homecoming Cup competition. The winning team every year will be memorialized on The Cup by having their team name and the year they won mounted on The Cup. The Cup is proudly on display in Le Fer Hall in the main entry way next to the formal parlor.

Below you will find the past winners as well as the current year’s Homecoming Cup competition and details. 

2016 Homecoming Cup 
Competition: Homecoming Olympics
Date: Sept. 26-30
Team Registration | Registration Deadline: Sept. 21st

Homecoming Olympics Schedule

Date     Event     Time     Location
Sept. 26     Dodgeball     6:15 p.m.     JKSRC - Aux Gym
Sept. 26     Glow Run     8:00 p.m.     Le Fer Hall
Sept. 27     Pickleball     6:15 p.m.     JKSRC - Aux Gym
Sept. 28     Ping Pong     6:15 p.m.     Le Fer Basement
Sept. 29     Badminton     6:15 p.m.     JKSRC - Aux Gym
Sept. 30     Frisbee Golf     6:15 p.m.     Le Fer South Field

2015 Champions - 4 Center       2016 - Champions - Harambe