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TWIPS | 11/25/19 - 12/1/19

TWIPS | 11/25/19 - 12/1/19

SAINT MARY OF THE WOODS, Ind. -- In the 14th edition of This Week In Pomeroy Sports | TWIPS, let's take a glance at how the western equestrian and hunt seat teams finished at their shows this week and dig into the tough competition our women's basketball team has faced.

Also, we would love to take a moment and wish you an early Happy Thanksgiving from the SMWC Athletic Department, we are extremely grateful to all of our coaches, student-athletes, fans, and all else who support Pomeroy Athletics.

We have all of last week's action below!

Women's Basketball

Women's basketball is off to a rough start to the 2019 season holding a 1-7 (.125) overall record. The Pomeroys have lost four games straight and have had difficulty eliminating turnovers averaging 27.4 per game.

This week, SMWC lost to Eureka College 96-78 and Ohio Christian University 125-73. 

From three-point range, the Pomeroys have struggled as a team shooting only 25.8% but continue to fire shots up taking 49.9 three-point attempts per game.

Defensively, a bright spot has been their steals per game as they average 12.3. Nonetheless, SMWC is giving up an average of 103.4 points per game and their opponent's shooting average is 44.7% from the field.

Since their victory against Brescia University on November 9th, SMWC has been outscored 401-to-293.

Natalie Nickless leads the team with 9.5 points per game and has been the Pomeroys go-to three-point shooter! She has hit 18-57 from three-point land. Paeytn Hayes is just behind Nickless as she averages 9.3 points per contest.

Avalee Jeffers and Reagan Hubbard lead the defense with a combined total steal mark of 25 (Jeffers - 14, Hubbard - 11).

On the glass, Jayla Rogers has been bust averaging 7.6 rebounds per game.

Hunt Seat

The hunt seat team competed in Gordyville, Illinois, this weekend and came away with a 4th overall finish on Saturday, and 4th overall on Sunday. The team members also took home the Reserve High Point Rider award on Saturday, and the High Point Rider award on Sunday. 

Saturday | November 16th

Open Equitation Over Fences

Carl Arnold | 3rd

Taylor Valencia | 2nd

Kathryn Kraft | 5th

Limit Equitation Over Fences

Kathryn Deitsch | 4th

Morgan Nobbe 6th

Open Equitation on the flat

Kathryn Kraft | 1st

Taylor Valencia | 2nd

Jourdan May | 2nd

Intermediate Equitation on the flat

Kathryn Deitsch | 5th

Limit Equitation on the flat

Tessa McAfee | 4th

Morgan Nobbe | 6th

Mattie Hoard | 6th

Novice Equitation

Bridgett Sider | 4th

Erin Robertson | 5th

Alyssa Turpin | 6th

Pre-Novice Equitation

Arin Herman | 2nd

Anna Bunch | 3rd

Danille Bassett | 4th 

Introductory Equitation

Miya Shepard | 1st

Sunday | November 17th

Open Equitation Over Fences

Taylor Valencia | 1st

Kathryn Kraft | 2nd 

Carl Arnold | 5th

Intermediate Equitation Over Fences

Morgan Nobbe | 2nd

Jourdan May | 4th

Limit Equitation Over Fences

Kathryn Deitsch | 2nd

Mattie Hoard | 3rd

Alexis Cobb | 6th

Tessa McAfee | 6th

Open Equitation on the flat

Taylor Valencia | 1st

Jourdan May | 3rd

Carl Arnold | 4th

Kathryn Kraft | 5th

Intermediate Equitation on the flat

Kathryn Deitsch | 5th

Alexis Cobb | 5th

Limit Equitation on the flat

Mattie Hoard | 6th

Tessa McAfee | 6th

Novice Equitation on the flat

Bridgett Sider | 1st

Alyssa Turpin | 1st

Pre-Novice Equitation

Anna Bunch | 2nd

Introductory Equitation

Carlee Simpson | 2nd

Miya Shepard | 3rd

Western Equestrian

The Western team competed in Gordyville, Illinois, this past weekend, placing well in all events. Sasha Worley and Kathryn Kraft each walked away with 1st place finishes and SMWC had 10 other riders with Top-3 finishes.

Saturday, November 16th

Kaylie Meehan: 2nd place

Sasha Worley: 2nd place

Saige Woodford: 2nd place

Carlee Simpson: 2nd place

Kathryn Kraft: 4th place

Taylor Valencia: 4th place

Morgan Houia: 5th place

Anna Bunch: 5th place

Erin Robertson: 5th place

Miya Shepard: 6th place

Kathryn Deitsch: 6th place

Morgan Nobbe: 6th place

Sunday, November 17th

Sasha Worley: 1st place

Kathryn Kraft: 1st place

Miya Shepard: 2nd place

Carlee Simpson: 2nd place

Kaylie Meehan: 3rd place

Erin Robertson: 3rd place

Kathryn Deitsch: 3rd place

Anna Bunch: 3rd place

Saige Woodford: 5th place

Taylor Valencia: 5th place

Morgan Nobbe: 5th place

Caroline Gadlage: 6th place


Monday, November 25

Women's basketball will host Lincoln College at 7:00 p.m. ET in Hamilton Arena.

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